Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Its my life

1970 GTO
1971 Le Manz GTO
1971 Le Manz GTO
OK, so I was watching this show on TLC tonight called Wrecks to Riches and this garage wanted to take an old wreck and turn it into a sweet car in a month. So, they took a 1971 Le Manz GTO, like the orange one above, but a really crappy looking one, very rusted, very bad damage to basically the whole thing, they took everything off, ripped it down to its frame and then painted about the color of the blue pic, maybe a bit darker, they kept calling it True Blue, and then turned it into one close to the pic at the top. Now, I want to you to look very close at the bumpers of the two cars. They have 2 very different bumpers, the one on the bottom wraps around to the side and the one on the top stops at the front. I had to search for pics so you could look at the bumper. That's the thing that messed them up and set them back a couple times. Their designer tried telling the other people on the team that it was gonna be extremely hard to find that bumper and that it still may not work, and he was right, by the time he found a bumper, they already had most of the car painted as well as interior parts taken care of. But the first bumper they bought was too small, and then the second bumper didn't come with parts to mount it. But when they finished it, it was gorgeous. In the end, $47,000 was spent on it and they took it to an auction, but the highest bid was $45,000 and they wouldn't sell it for that, so they took it back home. That kinda sucked cause it was a sweet car.

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