Friday, August 11, 2006

Grab life by the horns


Bobby said...

One of my coworkers has a dodge p/u. That sucker is freaking loud!

WW said...

LOL, I've never been bothered by noise from them, unless they're diesel, or in need of a little repair.
A buddy of mine has one like the white sport one on here, and I've never heard it coming. But I can always tell which white truck is his, there isn't another one like it within the city limits, he's customized it so much.

WW said...

But, now I have to take that back. He said he was coming home one night, and he and the night shift guy that was giving him a ride, saw this truck that looked exactly like his (course, me in this situation would look at the plate), and they figured they'd have to chase it for being stolen, but then when it went by them, he noticed it had running boards.
Stupid idiots trying to copy other people's vehicles.